The Top Three Universities in Netherland

The Top Three Universities in Netherland

Education especially the universities in the Netherlands is among the top class across Europe. There are a lot of international students in the Netherland. Here are five universities in the Netherland famous across the world.

The University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam

It is established in 1632 and now it has approximately 25,000 students. The University of Amsterdam is among the top 100 universities around the world, sitting pretty in the 50s. 150 degrees are taught fully in English, which makes 3,000 international students studied there. The arts and humanities and the social sciences in the university are top notches. The main campus is located in the central Amsterdam and the other university buildings are scattered around Amsterdam.

The Delft University of Technology, Mekelpark

The TU Delft or the Delft University of Technology is the most respected technical universities in the Netherlands. When it first built, it is dedicated as a royal academy for civil engineer and educate civil servants that willing to work under the Dutch East India Company. Now, all of the university buildings are centered around Mekelpark. Currently, there are approximately 16,000 students attend the universities in the Netherlands with a quarter of them are international students.

Wageningen University and Research, great in life and social sciences

The university is focused on environmental and agricultural science. Arguably, The Wageningen University and Research are one of the world’s best university for social and life science. Approximately, there are nearly 10,000 students that take undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and professional qualification in the university. There are 40 postgraduate and undergraduate program that use full English and the rest is a mix between Dutch and English. 20 different undergraduate programs are offered by Wageningen University and Research such as health sciences, international development, and business. As for the master’s level, there are 29 programs using full English.

The three universities above are a popular destination for international students. If you want to go there, you can check each university website for more info. Arguably, the three of them are among the best universities in Netherland.

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